Over the past years, I conducted fieldwork in several cities across Latin America.

I collaborate with civil society and governmental organizations in Latin America as part of my research. These include Courts of Accounts in Brazilian states, and the Mission of Electoral Observation and the National Electoral Council in Colombia.

In Brazil, I interviewed several mayors, journalists, party leaders and officers at anti-corruption agencies. I also collected primary data on corruption trials using judicial archives and the geographical configuration of media markets.

In Colombia I worked as an International Electoral Observer for the 2015 Colombian elections for the Misión de Observación Electoral (MOE) and as a guest of the National Electoral Council in 2019. My fieldwork in Colombia also included interviews with politicians, journalists, electoral and judicial authorities, and members of organizations of the Colombian civil society that work on electoral fraud.

In August 2017, I conducted and coordinated a survey with beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of a major housing program (Minha Casa, Minha Vida) targeted at low-income citizens in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

My field research in Latin America was funded by the J-PAL Governance Initiative, a Tinker Grant, UCLA’s Latin American Institute,  and International Institute. In 2021, I was awarded a research grant from Einaudi Institute of Economics and Finance (EIEF).

Bogotá, Colombia