In the summer of 2019, I designed and taught an advanced undergraduate course on Government and Politics in Latin America at UCLA.  SyllabusTeaching Evaluations. Extra: List of Films.

I was a teaching fellow/assistant for 9 undergraduate courses at UCLA:

Politics and Strategy (Introduction to Game Theory). Main Instructor: Michael Chwe. Fall 2017

Political Institutions and Economic Development, Main instructor: Miriam Golden. (Grant from the the Instructional Development Program to design the materials and teach about politics and economic development using data analysis and visualization in “half-flipped” classroom environment). Winter 2017

Government and Politics in Latin America. Main Instructor: Barbara Geddes. Spring 2017, Winter 2016, Spring 2015

Political Economy of Development Main Instructor: Daniel Posner. Spring 2016

Introduction to Comparative Politics Main Instructor: Michael Thies. Fall 2015, Fall 2014

Introduction to American Politics Main Instructor: Chris Tausanovitch. Winter 2015

Prior to my PhD Program, I taught a course on experimental and quasi-experimental methods to policy analysts at INVALSI (Istituto nazionale per la valutazione del sistema dell’istruzione) in Rome, Italy.